March 1, 2012

Conversation of the Week

Early one morning:

Daughter 1:  Momma, can you help me pick out a shirt?

Me:  Yes.

Daughter 1:  Thanks.

{a few minutes pass}

Daughter 1:  Momma, I thought you were going to help me pick out a shirt!

Me:  I will.

Daughter 1:  When?

Me:  Well, not right this very minute.

Daughter 1:  When?

Me:  Later.

Daughter 1:  But, why not right now?

Me:  Daughter 1, I am in the shower right now!


  1. Heather, and here I thought my kids were the only ones who wanted me to drop everything to tend to their needs! Thank God that they're both adults but the Son, who's still living at home, still has this mentality. I have to work hard to not enable this behavior. And why is they always corner us when we're in the shower? :)

    1. If a Momma designed the shower, there would be an escape hatch and an invisibility shield...

  2. We are helpless in the shower aren't we. Something tells them that we can't get away.

    1. It's ilke they have a radar that tells them we're blocked in!

  3. Putting that one in my "things to look forward too" folder


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