April 5, 2012

Conversation of the week

Daughter 2 and her friend were scheming on the best time to have a sleepover when the convo turned to religion:

Friend:  I have my first Communion on April 14.

Daughter 2:  Your first one?

Friend:  Yes.

Daughter 2:  I have communion whenever I want.

(Momma's note:  We only have communion when it's offered.  
We don't randomly serve communion at our hour just 'cause we want it.  Amen.)

Friend:  That's cool.  Have you had your first Reconciliation?

Daughter 2:  My WHAT?

Friend:  Reconciliation.  It's where you confess your sins to Father and are forgiven.

Daughter 2: (with a slight laugh) Oh... No.  I don't have to do reconciliation.  I don't have any sins.


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