March 27, 2013

Countdown: Peeing In The Shower

In counting down to TMI Mom: Oversharing My Life's release on April 1, I'm taking your suggestions and writing what YOU want me to write about as determined by the likes on our TMI Mom Facebook page.  Today's suggestion comes from Cindy Brown. Email me Cindy--You've won a big ol' chocolate bar and some TMI Mom bookmarks!

In September when I traveled to New York City (read all about it here) to be on a national television talk show (see it here), I shared that I pee in the shower. Every morning, I pee in the shower. With my good friend the doctor, I shared that I peed in my pants in the shower. (The entire story can be read in my new book TMI Mom: Oversharing My Life, available April 1--no fooling!) 

When the show aired, The Daughters said, "Momma? Do you really pee in the shower? Because sometimes we take showers with you."

"I do really pee in the shower, but not when you unashamedly jump in the shower with me," I admitted. Then I smiled a sly little smile thinking that they'd quit jumping in the shower with me knowing that I do, in fact, pee in the shower.

This was not the case. With a few weeks of my talk-show debut, I was lather-rinse-repeating one morning when Daughter 2 hopped in with me. I sighed, dropped my shoulders and traded places with her so that she could lather-rinse-repeat quickly, get out, and leave me to stand there until the hot water ran out.

"Nahhhhhh ... " she said when I handed her the shampoo. "I'm not here to wash. I'm just here to pee."

Later that morning, after all the hot water ran out, we established the ground rules for peeing in the shower.  

  1. You can only pee in the shower when you are alone. The End.


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