March 12, 2013

It was all legit

A few weeks ago, I met my cousin Jessie at the pole dancin' place for a pole dancin' lesson. The thing was that I was supposed to meet Jessie the week before that, but bailed at the last minute thanks to a massive headache. I messaged Jessie on Facebook, but I didn't have her number, so she found out that I was not at class when it started and I was not there. The next week, though, I was there (with my geriatric stripper wedges) and so was Jessie. In the locker room, she asked me if I would want to come to one of her classes and be interviewed. 

Geez, I thought, I know I skipped out on pole dancing, but I don't think I deserve a public humiliation. Turns out, however, that she wanted to interview me for her television production class. Cool. I'd head down to Tulsa Community College, sit in front of the class, answer her questions and pretend I was on television. That evening, I met Jessie in the lobby of the Center for Creativity and she walked me to her classroom.

Only the classroom didn't look like any classroom I'd ever been in as a teacher or a student. The classroom looked like a real television studio. It looked that way because that's what it is. It's a real television studio with real cameras and real lights and real mics and a real interview. OHEMGEE!

What Jessie didn't tell me before my arrival was that my interview would be written, directed and produced by her. 

Her professor interviewed me for Studio 21, a TCC student show. Truthfully, she and her classmates were just a professional as any national television crew I've worked with.

The interview was just short of half an hour. Jessie had it written so I'd get to talk about Minivan Momma, my family, TMI Mom and my upcoming book TMI Mom: Oversharing My Life, Oklahoma Women Bloggers, Listen To Your Mother. 

She pimped me, yo. She pimped me hard. I'm really grateful that it wasn't an elaborate plan to ask me why I skipped pole dancing class because girlfriend would have ripped me.  

Jessie was in her element. I emailed her parents that night and said she was a pro and had found her calling. I also told them she was a very good pole dancer, too, but that's really neither here nor there and I'm not sure how either one of them felt about that.


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