March 22, 2013

My Husband's A Mother

Last year, I was in a little show called Listen To Your Mother--it's been a while since I talked about that, right? Then I elbowed my way into being an associate producer for the Listen To Your Mother Show in Oklahoma City. (Buy your tickets here.)

Around Christmas time, Brian said he might try to be cast in a show. Not my show, of course, he didn't want the OKC show to look like a Davis Family variety hour. I agreed. Then he said he'd audition for the NWA show.

"Why?" I asked as I lazily snoozed on the couch late one night.

"I think it'd be fun. And I have something to say about motherhood."

I nodded and fell into a full-blown sleep as David Letterman counted down the top 10 ways Dick Clark would be missed on New Year's Eve. Brian, on the other hand, put his words on paper and wrote about, well, me.

Fast forward a few months ...

"I have an audition on Saturday and you have a radio interview," Brian informed me as David Letterman counted down the top 10 ways you know you've been sequestered. And that weekend we drove to NWA, our home-away-from-home. He auditioned; I gave answers; we had lunch we a great friend, and we came home.

Then I read his piece. Sigh. My heart actually sighed. I have a great husband. Even though he wrote about how I drool in my sleep.

At the end of that week, Brian became a Mother. He'll be a part of the cast of Northwest Arkansas's Listen To Your Mother show on May 30.  You can buy your tickets here.

My husband's a Mother--I couldn't be more proud.


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