March 16, 2013

Weekly Run-Down

This week I was a busy, busy blogger.

On Monday I cheered for my OKC Thunder boys who taught a high school player a valuable lesson: Everyone makes mitsakes. I mean mistakes.

I also shared with mine and Brian's contribution to Fayetteville's biking community. You are welcome, Arkansas. (PS--We'll be back lots since Brian made the cast of Listen To Your Mother-NWA. Who knows what we'll improve upon next?)

I popped on over to Instead of the Dishes where my friend Fawn encouraged me to share with y'all about my first spring break as a minivan momma. Just me, The Daughters, the feel of wind through our hair ... just don't tell my own momma.

Brian and I had a very interesting conversation about the Olympics. Pretty much, I'm an Olympic sport expert now.

And finally, in Bartlesville Examiner Enterprise (my hometown newspaper), I discuss the occurrence of cat cafes. If this goes over in Europe, I'm funding my retirement by opening my own home.


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