March 30, 2013

Weekly Run Down

What a busy, busy week!  I counted (or not) the ways our Easter Egg hunts just didn't add up when The Daughters were younger in our local newspaper.

My newspaper also featured me and the upcoming release--MONDAY!--of my book TMI Mom Oversharing My Life. Check me out!

On Sunday, I hung out with Misti & Julie, and we set the cast for our Listen To Your Mother-OKC show! This show will be awesome-sauce! Get your show information and buy your tickets here.

Nicki Minaj had a make-down where Elle stripped her to her natural beauty-ness. I talk about how she rocked the look over on Chick-Wit. Now to do something about her behavior...

In May I'll be teaching a class about electronic submissions and befriending technology at the Oklahoma Writer's Federation Inc. President Patty featured me on the blog this week talking about "Tip Toe Into Technology."

The most popular post this week on Minivan-Momma was my tale of two love-dogs in the pick-up lane.

Have a super week, my friends!


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