April 22, 2013

Conversation of the Week

As we watched hours of media attention for the Boston Marathon, we came across a segment on how the para-athletes were stepping up to help the runners who had lost limbs. Daughter 2, however, was not paying attention to the story as closely as we thought.

Daughter 2: Ohemgee, Momma! That's totally not fair.

Me: (pausing the TV on a woman in a racing wheelchair crossing the finish line) I know, but look at what she's doing despite that!

Daughter 2: Right! She's totally cheating.

Me: Cheating her disability, I guess.

Daughter 2: No, just plain cheating. Who would let a person in a go-kart enter a race anyway? 

Me: Honey, that's a wheelchair. She can't use her legs.

Daughter 2: Oh. Well. That's a different kind of not fair.


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