April 24, 2013

Drink, anyone?

During softball / golf / testing / spring, the housework goes by the wayside--more than it usually does. Last night, thanks to a cold, spring rain, we were all home all at the same time and planned to eat a meal all together. It's practically unheard of from March to May. But, in order for me to fix the meal that we would eat all together, I had to find a few things first, namely the sink and clean pans.

To say it had been a while since we had done the dishes would be a gross understatement. Heavy on the gross part. So, I hastily unloaded the dishwasher and then loaded it right back up again. I dragged the cats out of the dishwasher, shut that sucker up and hit start. Whew. That was more work than I had done at home since Christmas. I had worked up a sweat and could honestly say that I was parched. I opened the cabinet to grab myself one of my colorful tumblers and fix myself a big ol' cup of iced water.

Instead, I found this:

This, my friends, this is where my cups would be if my cups were where they should be. So, I went on a cup-finding mission.

I made my rounds through the living room and the office. I circled through the front room and the bathrooms. I jogged in and out of the girls' rooms and our bedroom. When all was said and done, I returned to the kitchen with 20 plastic tumblers, 12 plastic tea cups, 12 Eskimo Joe's homecoming ups and two QT cups from last summer.

It's apparently been a long time since I went cup gathering.

After I fixed myself some water in a clean mason jar, I installed a lock on the cup cabinet.


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