April 13, 2013

Weekly Run-Down

Another busy week for Momma--it's never gonna be easy when you have a sick kid.

This week, my most popular post was one about Daughter 2's hours of beauty preparation only to have her ditch it all in two minutes to turn cartwheels.

Over at Chick Wit, I wax poetic of the fine art of fart smelling.

I also rate mascara-worthy outings for my readers in the Examiner-Enterprise.

The reviews for TMI Mom Oversharing My Life are rolling in! Have you gotten your copy yet? (If so, please leave a review on Amazon, Goodreads, your Facebook wall, the bathroom wall, wherever!)

Sabine of Suburbia offers her good words on why you should read TMI Mom Oversharing My Life.

Another post with kind words is Delta Moxie--check it out!

Jennifer McMurrain, a dear friend of mine, is actually giving away a copy of TMI Mom Oversharing my Life on her blog!

Sunday, April 14, I'll be at Full Circle Bookstore in OKC from 2 - 4 for a Mom's Rock event. Stop by and see me!


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