April 27, 2013

Weekly Run-Down

Reviews are pouring in for TMI Mom Oversharing My Life. If you've read it, be sure to leave a review on Amazon. If you haven't read it, why not???!?!!

If you need convincing, check out these great posts about Oversharing My Life:

desperately seeking {gina}

NWA Motherlode

Devotions from the Resident Heretic (she's got a HUGE giveaway from my publisher going on, too!)

This week, my most popular post was about how my husband's runny nose trumped my near-death experience.

In the Bartlesville Examiner Enterprise, I shared my love for softball--and why my daughter now plays third.

At Chick-Wit, I celebrated Earth day with some squash. Did I say some? I meant mounds and mounds and mounds and mounds of squash.

If you're out and about today, join me at Keepsake Candles from noon to 2 for a LUCKY SEVEN Autograph Party; every seventh book buyer will get a special treat from me!  Check out all of my book events HERE.

Next Sunday (May 5), I'll be reading at the Listen To Your Mother Show--Oklahoma City. Get your tickets to come hear me--we're benefitting Infant Crisis Center. It'll be a great afternoon!


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