May 13, 2013

I Knew It Would Happen

After Saturday's spray painting projects, neglected as they were, I knew that when Daughter 1 returned home, she'd cry that it wasn't fair that her sister got to do a project while she had to go to an amusement park all day long and ride rides and eat junk and hang out with her friends unsupervised. But, this isn't my first project and it wouldn't be the first time I had heard the Not Fair battle cry, so I was prepared.

Westlake Ace Hardware sent me a goodie box that was perfect for a child who was feeling left out. They sent a planter, chalk spray paint, chalk, and a Westlake Ace Hardware gift card for me to choose a plant. I picked a Daisy because they looked particularly spunky on the day I went shopping.

The box of goodies sat on our mantle for a few days waiting for someone to holler out that they were bored or something wasn't fair or that they needed something to do. Yesterday was that day. When Daughter 1 finally rolled out of bed after her full day being a tween in a tween haven, her sister was waiting for her.

"I got to spray paint yesterday," Daughter 2 taunted, leaving out the small little detail of just how much (or how little) she actually did.

As if performing from a well-written script, Daughter 1 cried out, "That's not fair!"

And like a good director of all fine dramas, I was ready for her. I handed her the box from Westlake Ace Hardware.

For a full half hour, she was content as she taped off the top of the pot, sprayed on the chalk, let it dry, planted her daisy and then decorated with the chalk.

My only job was to sit outside and keep her company as she created until her little cheated heart was contented.

Then, she sighed a happy sigh, set her beautiful potted Daisy on the step ladder Daughter 2 had I'd painted yesterday and said, "I'm bored."

I knew that was coming.


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