May 10, 2013

"I Was So Nervous."

Last night, we headed over to our friends' house to pick up our computer. He is a broken computer guru and he had fixed our broken computer--this is why he's a guru. Brian went up to the house, while The Daughters and I waited in the car eating our ice cream.

"Momma," Daughter 2 said from the back seat between licks of her plain chocolate on a waffle cone, "Do you remember went we came over here for K's birthday party?"

I nodded my head and hummed an affirmative. My mouth was full of Rocky Road.

"I was so nervous, Momma," Daughter 2 continued.

Her sister, ever supportive, laughed and said, "I know! You thought you were going to jail for candy!"

"Well, yeah," Daughter 2 agreed, "But there was something more."

I stopped mid-chew of an almond. "What?" I said my mouth half-full, fearing what other stray path I had led my child down.


"I had to fart and people really don't like it when you fart in their homes."

She's wise beyond her years.


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