May 18, 2013

"If we win the lottery..."

In an effort to expand The Daughters' horizons beyond reruns of Friends and random nonsense--did I say nonsense? I mean crap--on Cartoon Network, we forced our beautiful girlies to watch the news. Gasp! I know! Do not call Human Services. They've been out and assured The Daughters that the nightly news is not abusive. Cruel and unusual, yes, but not abusive.

Since we've been watching the news, we've had a lot of opportunity to discuss things like gas prices, domestic terrorism, Veteran's, federal funding versus state funding, IRS, senate hearings and the lottery. Of all topics, of course, the lottery generated the most discussion.

"Do you make more than three million in a month?" (Ummm ... No.)

"Do you make more than three million in a year?" (exhausted laughter)

"Nobody won? Can we ask for the money?" (I wish.)

"Will we buy a ticket?" (Hell yes, baby!)

"What will we do with the money when we win?"

I loved this question because we got to dream together as a family.

"Could we go to an island?" (We'll buy one, honey.)

"Can we get pedicures?" (Every single week.)

"Can we get front row tickets for a concert?" (You bethca.)

"Will we finally get to fly on a plane?" (Our own private plane even!)

"Will you buy me a zebra?" (Why not.)


Saturday night, we sent one daughter to bed way early because we are mean and we don't like her and also, she's a tween. (Can I get an Amen?) Our other daughter wanted to stay up later. She wanted to stay up to see if we had won the lottery and wanted to know how long it would take her to get her zebra. We shipped her off to bed at her regular time then we waited with baited breath until 10:00 when they drew the numbers.

"How long until we buy our island?" I asked Brian. He rolled his eyes at me.

Finally, the numbers were announced. Brian gasped as he waved our tickets in the air.

"We won!" he sarcastically squealed.

And from the hallway came a little voice, "Do I get my zebra now?"

"Honey," I called, "we only won $6."

"Oh," she hollered back, "So I have to wait until Monday?"

We might go back to the Friends reruns next week.


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