May 22, 2013

"Look For The Helpers"

When the Newtown tragedy and the Boston bombing occurred, to comfort us as a nation, were reminded of a Mr. Rogers quote in which he remembers his mother calming his childhood fears by saying, "Look for the helpers." What a great sentiment, right?

When we need it, there are people who are willing and able to help us. That's one of the beautiful things about humanity: For the most part, we like each other.

With the tornadic events of the week in my beautiful home state of Oklahoma, I'm seeing the helpers. Not only am I seeing them, but I'm getting to be a part of the help.

As an administrator of Oklahoma Women Bloggers, I've been working with several groups organizing relief efforts for Oklahoma. As a teacher, this is my last week of school and, I think because life goes on, I'm feeling really, really guilty about letting it go on knowing that there are families whose lives will be forever changed because of this. So, I look for the helpers.

Happy First is an Oklahoma company. They were not directly effected by the tornados, but they want to directly effect those who were. They've designed this cute shirt (and their first shirt for men as well!) along with a cap and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross, designated for Oklahoma Relief.

If this is the way you can be a helper, by all means, be a helper.


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