May 11, 2013

Weekly Run Down

If you happen to seem me out and my eyes are glazed over and drool is dripping off my chin, please steer me to the nearest couch and lay me down. It's been a very busy week.

It started on Sunday, when our Listen To Your Mother Show in OKC kicked off to a thrice-sold-out crowd. Our stories were so amazing. So, so amazing. Our cast was beyond beautiful and we rocked the house. It was a learning experience, though, and my top five things learned was this week's most popular post.

The week before was so hectic that I almost forgot I had a column appear this week in the Examiner Enterprise until a former high school teacher said, "Are you the one writing ... ?" Oh, and this week's column? It was about Mommy Brain. That is exactly how it all starts--forgetting the basics.

Over at Chick-Wit, I went all Dave-Ramsey on prom-goers. If they go all out for prom--a night that will never live up to the hype--what will they have to live for? And how will they be able to afford it? (Helpful Hint: Skip prom, save the money and play some Bingo down to the legion.)

And, since Mother's Day is sneaking up on us, (for you male readers, it's actually on SUNDAY!), check out this great giveaway sponsored by my publisher, Buzz Books! Get TMI Mom Bites the Big Apple Kindle book for FREE through Sunday. TMI Mom Oversharing My Life Kindle Book is also discounted. Get it, read it, love it and share the love in the form of a review.


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