June 1, 2013

Culture Scmulture

This past week, we went to Arkansas for Brian's reading in Listen To Your Mother and for several book events for TMI Mom Oversharing My Life. In between events, we took in the grandeur that is the southern Ozarks.  We went to Eureka and saw the big "ceramic" Jesus--He's not really ceramic, a haunted hotel and a great, big gigantic ice cream cone. We drove through a civil war battlefield, where Daughter 2 panicked upon seeing the cannons thinking the war was just on a break. We hid from tornados behind a theater and just generally had a great time. 

Our last day there we went to Crystal Bridges. I need to let you know at this point that this is not a sponsored post. In fact, I'm fairly certain that when their Google Alert notifies them of this post, they'll contact me and ask me to take it down. Until then, I'd like to give you a little glimpse of what it's like to go to a fabulous fine art museum (and it's free!) with my family. (Really. Crystal Bridges didn't ask me or pay me to say this stuff--keep reading and you'll believe me.)

Daughter 2: Is that a sunrise? A square rise? Did the artist use a ruler?

Brian: Geez. Now you're going to want to bedazzle something. Let's skip to the chase. You look lovely. It's a beautiful garment and your butt looks great.

Daughter 1: We have this exact same thing at home in my school box.

Brian: I think it's a brain.
Daughter 2: No. It's ear wax, which is kind of like your brain.
Daughter 1: It kinda looks like silly putty, which is kind of like your brain.
Brian: Maybe it's bubblegum.

Daughter 2: Silverized poop? How's that art?

Brian: I could do this exact same thing with a Jenga game.

Daughter 2: Good grief. This artist had a really big ruler!

Daughter 1: I would love to live in this elevator. Who do you think the artist is?


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