June 7, 2013

Five For Friday: Celebrity Family Reunion

This weekend, I'll be celebrating my family with our annual MSG--McKelvey Summer Get-together. While I love my family, I can't help but wish we had a few celebrities in our midst.

1. Ashton Kutcher--Dude and his Canon cameras could be the official photographer of the reunion. I'll bet he never takes a fuzzy shot.

2. The Prancercize Lady--Just because I'm on vacation doesn't mean I should let myself go. With her in the cabin next door, I could prance to breakfast and prance to the pool and prance to the shuffleboard game and prance to bar. Normally, the prancing comes after that stop. 

3. Naomi Campbell--Sure she's got a temper, but that temper might come in handy when my kids drop their wet swim suits on the floor for the ninetieth time! One yell from Naomi and they'd be remembering to pick that mildew-maker up from the floor.

4. Chris Isaak--He'd be great to have sitting around the campfire for a sing along. When I sing in falsetto, people laugh at me and then they tell me to shut up. Let's see how quick they are to tell good ol' Chris to shut it.

5. Amanda Bynes--Let's face it: We all talk about our family once we part ways. If Amanda were at our reunion, we'd all know for a fact that no one would be talking about us, but they'd be talking about  craziness that is Amanda.


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