June 21, 2013

Five For Friday: My Summer Bucket List

Today is the first day of summer. I have, however, been enjoying summer for almost a month now. Since it's officially summer, though, I believe it's time I got to work on my summer bucket list. These are five things I will do this summer.

1. I will find my kitchen table.  Starting with the first week in May, it got busy for us. Really busy. I had the Listen To Your Mother-OKC show. I had the OWFI conference. We had the end of school. Brian changed jobs. We had softball. We had school programs. We had this, that and the other. It was really busy and throughout this very trying time, our table was totally there for us ... to pile crap upon. This summer, I will find my table again.

2. I will shave my legs regularly. But, let's just keep in mind that "regularly" could mean the third Thursday of every month. Don't get your hopes up too high. I'm keeping my bar set low.

3. I will wake up early every morning and exercise.
I will wake up every morning and exercise.
I will wake up mornings and exercise.
I will wake up and exercise.

4. I will cook at home. Summer, specifically the lack of school, provides me with ample time to actually prepare, cook and clean up from nutritious home cooked meals for my family. Of course, thanks to the school year, the family may be shamefully addicted to McGaggles. So, even though I may cook a nutritious meal, their bodies are screaming for preserved meat-product on a styrofoam bun.

5. I hope to not kill the neighbors who have already bought enough fireworks to blow up an Eastern European country and shoot them off every, single night for hours without end until July 5. Keyword: hope.


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