June 14, 2013

Five For Friday: Songs To Prancercise To

In today's Five For Friday, I wanna share with you the five songs from 1989 that I will totally download on my iPod for my Prancercise session.

I don't think the cardigan is optional.

1. Funky Cold Medina by my pal, Tone-Loc--If I'm going to Prancercise, it's going to be with a song that has Funky in the title. Plus, any song that talks about an Oscar Mayer Weiner must be paired with this tight-crotched prancing sensation.

2. Solder of Love by everyone's heart-throb, Donny Osmond--Okay, fine, soldiers don't prance, they fight. But maybe there'd be less war and more peace if we all ditched marching for prancing. Just sayin'.

3. Baby Don't Forget My Number by the duo who did no actual singing, Milli Vanilli--Once people see you doing the Prancercise at your local park or wherever you choose to prance, they'll wish that you, like Milli Vanilli, had hired someone else to do that junk for you.

4. If I Could Turn Back Time by the ageless Cher--About five minutes into your Prancercise routine, you'll feel your body getting more youthful and you'll feel ten years younger. The pointing and laughing from your audience will actually take you right back to your elementary playground that one fateful day when you peed your pants on the jungle gym. What? Was that only me?

5. She Drives Me Crazy by that group, oh you know, um... Fine Small, Young ... something or another, oh yeah! Fine Young Cannibals--Let's face it: When you are at the park or the track and you are Prancercising your way to wigged-out hair and big necklaces, you will be driving the onlookers crazy with your coolness. Trust me. I know this to be true.


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