June 23, 2013

My Super-Duper Moon Party

The Daughters were out late Friday and Saturday night and when bedtime rolled around on Saturday, we didn't even have to tell them twice that it was time. Since Brian had been up early on Saturday morning to swim and had taken the girls out to play golf Saturday afternoon and was planning on taking Daughter 2 to her beloved softball camp early Sunday morning (it was really a one-day clinic, but we called it "camp" and all was good), he turned in early. So, at 10:00 last night, I found myself alone with the cats and our big dog JJ, who prefers to sleep inside. Our dumb dog Bo preferred to stay outside, bark at the moon and keep the neighbors awake.

This. This was my Super Moon party.

I surfed Facebook as I watched Big Bang Theory reruns on the DVR and the cat farted on my legs as he slept curled up to me. It was through this surfing that I read a couple of posts saying that the moon would be super-duper, or something like that, at 6:23AM. With that, I shut down my laptop, turned off the TV and reluctantly turned on alarm. It was early, no doubt. Much earlier than I preferred to wake ever, this is true. But, I do love a good moon, and a super-duper moon sounded great.


At about 2AM, I heard Bo stop barking. It was about this time that I thought I could finally go to sleep. I did, however, get caught up on all my games, in case you were wondering. Bo then began licking the patio door to our bedroom. He does this quite a bit, usually it's when he wants in or is tattling on JJ. Since JJ was inside, he wanted in. But, you know what? Tough toenails, Bo. You should have come in when I invited you. So, I listened to him lick the door until about 2:45.

This is when Daughter 2 got naked and crawled in bed with us. She pulled the covers up over us both because she was coldie. Being naked will make you coldie, that's for sure. She then snuggled, right up to my back, and didn't move one single bit. When I pushed her against her daddy, she scooted right back up to my back. When I elbowed her just a few inches away from me, she came slamming back against my hind-side.

At about 4:00, the cat began pouncing and scratching on my head. He likes my hair. Normally, I don't mind having my hair played with. At 4:00, though, if someone is playing with my hair, it had better be Jon Bon Jovi. Or Brian. Yes, Brian can play with my hair at 4:00, but only if Jon is finished playing with my hair. To add to my hair playing, the cat tried a little aroma therapy in the form of his very, very stinky, smelly farts. I threw him off of me, repeatedly, for about an hour.

About 5:30 when I finally grabbed my glasses and got up. It was close enough to the super-duper moon viewing. And, I couldn't take my sweaty back or the cat farts any more.

Even away from the multiple covers and heat-producing child, the house was hot. I walked to the living room and discovered the thermostat was set at 80. I turned that sucker down and wondered who had done such a thing. JJ was whining (probably feeling really deprived that he was not sleeping in an air-conditioned house) so I walked him to the back door only to discover the back door was open, wide open leading our backyard, and a very anxious Bo, who knew the back door was supposed to be closed. I turned from the back door and discovered the garage door ajar. As I pulled it to, I heard another stinky cat meowing from inside the garage. Good heavens. The animals partied hard last night.

I went to our front door and looked out on the early morning skies. Ahhh ... the super moon. The super-duper moon, I mean. The super-duper moon was no where to be found. We live in an older neighborhood with older trees and these older trees blocked the horizon.  I sighed. I would curl up in Daughter 2's bed and go back to sleep instead. Screw the super-duper moon. I would just look at the pictures on Facebook--same difference. I turned and grabbed the front door and attempted to turn the knob.

Locked out of my own house at 5:30.

This. This is the way I party on Super Moon night.


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