June 8, 2013

Weekly Run Down

My most popular post this week was actually TWO posts. That almost never happens, but it's cool that it did. (Did y'all plan that?)

First up was my post of actual quotes overheard in a fine art museum. Okay, fine. I told you the nonsense that my family uttered as we walked the galleries at Crystal Bridges.

The second most popular post was the tale of my little environmentalist, however misguided she may be.

I dealt my Five for Friday celebrities I wish would come to my family reunion.

In the Examiner Enterprise this week, I talked about the ways to make your family reunion memorable. You can enjoy your family reunion whether you like it or not.

Have you joined my Goodreads Bookclub? First up is Lost is Suburbia. Join us for lots of fun!

I also had a fabulous chat with the good people of Ozarks At Large in Fayetteville. Check out how sophisticated I sound. I wasn't even medicated, y'all!

Next week, I'll be heading to southern Oklahoma and Texas to pimp my book, yo. Hope to see you down there!


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