June 22, 2013

Weekly Rundown--June 22

After last week's busy, busy week that included way too many early mornings, we were all content to be at home this week. But, that doesn't mean we did nothing!

My most popular post this week was all about maintaining my restraint on social media. And I threw in a "dammit" because that really attracts attention.

I also have a giveaway going on. You have until Sunday evening to leave a comment to register for a $25 gift card along with two signed books. Have you commented yet?

This week, I'll be on KTUL (Channel 8, local peeps) talking about TMI and then on Saturday, I'll be at Ida Reds (3336 Peoria) in Tulsa signing books--COME SEE ME! (There might be Taco Doritos and mint Oreos.)

In the Examiner this week, I called out the map app geek. Travel with some kids, dude!

This week, I kicked off my newsletter. It will contain information FIRST before it hits this site or Facebook. It may even contain recipes. Or maybe not. Be sure you've signed up for the newsletter so you can really stay in the know.

Also, my precious hubby--aka The Dad, aka Brian--has jumped on the blogging band wagon. I couldn't be more proud. Go give him some love!


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