June 13, 2013


My incredible manager from Road Trip Media set me up with a sweet southern Oklahoma / north Texas media and book tour. I've done a spot on KTEN, which will air tomorrow. I'm doing a segment on Fox4 in DFW, which will go live tomorrow. And this morning, I did a spot on KXII at 5:30 am. This meant, we had to leave my in-law's home by 4:00 am. This meant, I had to get up at 3:15 am. In. The. Morning, y'all.

I don't do mornings.

We wrapped up the segment and ate breakfast in the McGaggles just down the street, while my girls Rita and Kylee did the news on the TV just above my head. There was one other guy in McGaggles. I asked him if I looked familiar, but he couldn't even focus on the coffee in front of him.

We continued on to Dallas where we discovered that nothing but McGaggles is open at 7:02 am in the morning. In. The. Morning, y'all. After a quick trip to IKEA and a breeze through Sam Moon where I might have cried because I was tired and didn't find a purse I liked, we headed to our hotel, who took pity on the poor, sniveling, tired momma and let us check in early.

I don't remember opening the door. I don't remember taking off my shoes. I just remember waking up two and a half hours later when I thought I heard someone coming in our door.

Brian woke up exactly ten seconds later when his wife (me) screamed, "WE'RE IN HERE! DON'T COME IN!"

I'm just glad no one got that on film.

Check out my earlier-than-I've-ever-functioned-before segment HERE.

Come see me Saturday at Buffy's Cupcakes on Main in Denison (9AM - 11AM) and at Bishop Square Market in Dallas (1PM - 4PM).


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