July 24, 2013

Across A Crowded Parking Lot

Even with a good trip to Hellmart, I come out of that place feeling blah. Such was the case last weekend, when I made my weekly trip to the mecca of fools to gather our weekly groceries so that I could take them home, spend an hour prepping them and putting them away only to have the other three members of my family declare that there's nothing to eat in the house. Ya know the drill, right?

But last weekend, I got a pleasant surprise when I left. As I backed out of my parking space and noticed a cart, still full of bagged groceries. It was just sitting in the middle of the parking lot, all by itself, as if it had run away from its pusher.

This is not my picture because I didn't have my phone. Source

I reached to the passenger seat where I normally kept my purse to grab my phone and take a picture of this maverick cart. But, my phone was not to be found, and my purse was not in the seat.

I sighed. I knew exactly where my purse (and my phone) was. I sighed again.

This trip was pretty basic. I got milk, bread, peanut butter--it was as if a snow storm had been predicted. I got a bunch of eggs because we like protein around our house. I picked up some Febreeze 'cause these cats we got for Daughter 2 are smelly. Really smelly. And, since the school supplies were out in all of their colorful glory, and because three-ring binders that I need for my classroom were on sale, I loaded my cart up with thirty poly-binders for 88 cents each.

The only problem was the at the binders rang up for 99 cents each. I corrected the price for James, my friendly Hellmart checker, and he graciously adjusted the price for all thirty binders. He did this with a smile. The lady behind me in line, however, was not smiling. She was mumbling. And cussing. And inching her cart closer and closer to the backs of my ankles--at least that's where I think she was aiming.

Finally, I paid, gathered my Earth-friendly bags and headed to the car. I loaded my notebooks in the back seat because I would be taking those to my room this week. Then I lamented the fact that it doesn't matter how little or how much I buy at Hellmart, I will end up paying over $100 every single week. I dug my keys out of my pocket, started my car and backed out. That's when I saw the rogue cart.

I laughed. I needed that. Everyone needs a laugh when they leave Hellmart. I wanted to Instagram this solitary cart holding abandoned (or run-away) groceries. I laughed again and reached for my phone. But, as I stated earlier, it was not there.

Again, I laughed. I knew where my purse was.

I drove myself over to my cart, which had rolled two and a half rows away ... with my groceries, my purse, and my phone still in it.

Go ahead and laugh. I did. So did the three cars, two trucks and random cyclist who saw me loading the rest of my groceries. Everyone needs a laugh when they leave Hellmart ...

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