July 29, 2013

Come See Me ... and Malena Lott

Y'all might know that I have a little book or two out there in book land (TMI Mom Oversharing My Life and TMI Mom Bites The Big Apple) published by Buzz Books, USA, which is the brain child of author Malena Lott. And lucky for you and me, Malena has written a couple of new books and will be making a stop in Tulsa to get together with readers and talk about her new books!

Twin Falls is a young adult paranormal book and written under the pen name Lena Brown. After her mother dies mysteriously, Eve is chased to the hometown she never knew: Twin Falls, Texas. But the silent main street is just a facade for the secret underground colony of angels. A mysterious school of twins who share an identity and a mission. Just days from her sixteenth birthday, Eve learns about her twin and the enemy who won’t stop until the Order of the Messengers are wiped out. Will the powers she receives on her birthday be enough to keep them alive? And can she control whom she loves or will her destiny decide for her?

Family Charms is a women's lit book. Marlo came home from school one day to find her mother gone. Twenty years later, she gets a letter from Elizabeth inviting her three daughters on a trip around the world to see where she’s been the last 20 years – and what kept her away. What follows is an emotional ride for a family torn apart by abandonment, infidelity, cancer and a fear of commitment. Marlo, Taryn and Amelia are three sisters as different as they come, but united in their feelings of betrayal. Is it ever too late to trust in love? Take a journey around the world to learn the meaning of family and forgiveness.

I'd invite you to come see Malena (and me!) and bring your sisters, your girlfriends, your mommas and your daughters on Tuesday, July 30 at 6:30 at the Tulsa Air and Space Museum. You can pick up a copy of Twin Falls or Family Charms and have a great evening full of friendship!


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