July 12, 2013

Five For Friday: Five Things I've Learned So Far This Summer

The summer is essentially half over and it's been very educational to say the least. Here are five things I've learned so far this summer:

1. Last week, The Daughters shaved their legs more times than I have since Spring Break. I kinda think that maybe my one-tv-show-a-day is coming back to bite me in the butt because they are having to get creative with their time and that means they are shaving their legs daily--if not twice a day. Then they sit beside me and feel my legs and their legs and offer to teach me how to shave. No I'm not kidding.

2. There is never anything good to eat in the house. I came back from the store with no less than seven reusable, earth-friendly bags of groceries. I did buy the not-good stuff, like fruits and veggies and free-range, organic, volunteer chicken breast (or whatever). I even bought some really delish high-fiber, low-carb oatmeal dark chocolate chip cookies. (Really, they are yummy.) But, there's still nothing good to eat in the house, thus saith The Daughters.

Kashi is not sponsoring this post or this blog.
If my grocery receipts are any indication, however,
I am personally sponsoring Kashi.

3. A clean house is an empty house ... but not really. My house was clean for exactly ten minutes while I sat on the blue couch waiting for everyone else to get in from swimming. Two minutes before they arrived, dropping their towels on the laundry room floor and kicking their shoes in the middle of the living room and pulling down thirty-seven random cups and placing them all over the house, the cats dragged empty toilet paper rolls all over the house proving that even with no one home, my house is really and truly impossible to keep clean.

4. I can, with amazing precision, predict when we'll be out of ice. I didn't know I had this skill, but 99.98979% of the time that I've attempted to fix myself a cold drink during the month of June, we've been out of ice. It's an area of expertise that I plan on taking on the road.

5. If I want some time alone, all I have to do is ask for anything but alone time. "Momma needs five minutes alone" is a phrase that will guarantee that I will have someone or someones accompany me for every waking hour for the next three days. "Momma needs some help," however, will result in oodles and oodles of silence and hours of uninterrupted laundry or dishes or dusting or sweeping.

What have you learned this so far this summer?


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