July 11, 2013

Look, Ma! We're On The YouTubes!

Kim Kardashian can keep her sex tape. (No, really, she can.) I got something else that's going to be a big internet sensation. Actually, I've got two something elses...

This past May, I co-produced the first ever Oklahoma City Listen To Your Mother show. It was an amazing experience. I was in the NW Arkansas show last year and just fell in love with the whole concept. This year, I co-produced with my girl Misti Pryor (also of the NWA show) and my new boo, Julie Bohannon. But that's not all.

Brian auditioned and read in the NWA show this year. It was so much fun to sit in the audience and enjoy the show from that perspective, of course. But, it was way, way, way cool to hear my husband say his kind and sweet words about me being a mother in his own words. Gah! How I love that man.

So, while we don't have a sex tap that we're sharing on YouTube, we do have something that makes us way more cooler than any naked Kardashian. We have our own words, in our own voices. Thank you, Ann Imig for your vision of Listen To Your Mother.

Enjoy--I'd love to know what you think of them.

And ... next year ... think about telling YOUR story.


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