July 6, 2013

Weekly Run Down--July 6, 2013

Did you celebrate America's freedom with lots of food and lots of bang? We had a great week--as did the blog!

This week's most popular post was one in which I talk about Daughter 1 firmly planting her feet into tweenhood by choosing her friends over a visit to a television station.

I also got a lot of looks at my post where I discuss five shows that make me want to shoot my television set. I did not get a lot of comments, however, which leads me to believe I might have a lot of Toddler and Tiara fans out there.

In the Examiner-Enterprise, I shared how my own momma went overboard cooking for Brian on our first Fourth of July as a couple.

Since it's a new month, we've started a new book over at Goodreads Pick Up Lane Bookclub. This month, we're reading Who Peed On My Yoga Mat by the lovely Lela Davidson. Come over and chat with us--lots of good convo happening!

Have you signed up for the Minivan Momma newsletter? There will be lots of fun information coming in the next few weeks and newsletter subscribers will get the information FIRST!


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