July 27, 2013

Weekly Rundown--July 27, 2013

I spent most of the week with a three-year-old. Related: I will be asking for the doctor for two IUDs at my annual appointment next month. Aside from chasing around a cat-obsessed three year old (and subsequently rescuing said cats), it's been a really great week in the minivan.

The week's most popular post was--no surprise!--the See's Candy Store review. Yes, I am giving away some candy. No, it's not too late to enter.  Go ahead, click here to enter.  I'll wait for ya.

I won the Ethyl and Lucy race against Daughter 1.

I also shared about my weekly trip to Hellmart. It's always something at Hellmart, right? Well, this week Hellmart made me laugh. Well played, Hellmart, well played.

I was also featured on Oklahoma Women Bloggers for my culinary skills. Quit laughing. It was good and it didn't involve a box, y'all.


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