August 22, 2013

New FACEBOOK GAME! Show Me Your ...

We're playing a new game on my Facebook page called Show Me Your ... !  It's a really fun scavenger hunt of sorts.

Here's what you need to do:

1. Like my Minivan Momma Facebook page.
2. Tune in on Fridays on my Facebook page at 3:30.
3. Post a picture of the obscure thing I've asked for before 5:30.
4. Random drawing will declare a winner.
5. Message me for your prize!

Easy, huh? Get those cameras fired up, y'all!

You can play this while waiting in the pick-up lane for your kiddo, while sitting in the doctor's office, while watching Judge Judy, while in your office counting the minutes until clock out time, while in the gym on the treadmill ... anywhere!

So, tune in tomorrow for the very first SHOW ME YOUR ... game!

I can't wait to see your ...


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