August 4, 2013

Reading is worse than WebMD

I texted my friend Denise on my way home from Arkansas when I stopped to get gas. I had been listening to a book she recommended, Still Alice, and had diagnosed myself with early onset Alzheimer's Disease.

Reading Still Alice. I'm pretty sure I have early onset Alzheimer's Disease. I might as well be reading WebMD.

I got no response back from her. That was okay because I was going to see her the next day.

"Did you get my text?" I asked her when I saw her.

"Yes," she said she had, "But I don't know what it means."

"You recommended Still Alice to me. I got the audio book for my drive back and forth to and from Arkansas and listened to it. Aside from running, I have some of the same symptoms and Alice does." I explained all the time wondering if maybe she didn't have early onset Alzheimer's as well. I'd have to check WebMD.

"I don't remember that book," she said. Guess I can skip checking WebMD.

"Yeah, remember? You said your book club read it and it was funny. About a woman who forgets things and it turns out she has early onset Alzheimer's. I didn't think it was very funny, though." Finding humor where there is none or vice versa is a sign of early Alzheimer's Disease. Maybe we could be roomies in the nursing home were were both quickly proving ourselves worthy of.


"Ohhh," she said the quickly dimming light bulb in her brain lit up, "It was called What Alice Forgot. The character has amnesia. It is funny."

So, now I'm reading What Alice Forgot, but I don't remember why.

Maybe Denise will come visit me in the nursing home at least.


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