August 15, 2013

Red Gold Tomatoes--YUMMY GIVEAWAY!

I was thrilled when Red Gold sent me a six-pack of goodies. Really. A cute little six pack of goodies: There were five cans of their various tomato products, one jar of their spicy ketchup (YUM!) and two aprons. (Two aprons? Yep. We'll get to that in a sec ...)

Immediately my family started in on the "We won't eat that crap!" bit that they reserve for every single thing I cook that's not macaroni and cheese or waffles. This is why if I were a food blogger, my blog would be called Crap My Family Won't Eat.

I would have to be sneaky.

And sneaky I was: I took a pound of ground turkey, a cup of bread crumbs and a well-drained can of Basil, Garlic and Oregano Tomatoes, that had been processed. I mixed it all well and formed it into patties. I grilled the burgers, put them on a bun and my family devoured them. Shhh ... don't tell that I fooled them.

I also used a can of tomatoes with green chiles to make some nacho cheese in the crock pot. I did not have left overs.

Within a weeks' time, I had make another specialty burger, some goulash and some homemade salsa with my Red Gold goodies.  My family never knew. And they never complained.

I like Red Gold products. A local supermarket (not Hellmart) has a special on Red Gold products regularly. I always stock up because I've never had a bad product and, as long as my family doesn't think I'm trying anything new, they love the quality.

This summer, Red Gold is hosting a sweepstakes to celebrate the last part of summer and grilling. They will be giving away a Green Egg Ceramic Grill and Smoker. This giveaway runs through August 30 and you can enter by going to their Facebook page.

Here at Minivan Momma, I'm having my own little giveaway.  I am not giving away a smoker. (I'm not my blogging counterpart, PW, y'all.) Instead, I'm giving away a prize package that includes three things:
a really cute Red Gold Apron (it looks like a tomato, y'all!), 

a jar of Red Gold Spicy Ketchup 
and a signed copy of TMI Mom Oversharing My Life.

To enter, leave a comment telling me what you'd cook while wearing your new Red Gold Tomato Apron.

Contest ends Thursday, August 22 at 9:00 pm, Oklahoma time.


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