August 12, 2013

Sharp As A ... Pencil

Earlier in the summer, I received a Classroom Friendly Pencil Sharpener. I finally got to use it last week.

Yeah. There was a problem with it.

Everyone in my family wants it.

When I first unwrapped the package, I set it up on the kitchen counter because the kitchen table is where most of our deepest thoughts happen. Within two days it was missing. I found it a week later in Daughter 1's room. She's an artist. And a writer. And a scholar. And clearly, she needed sharper pencils than anyone else in our house.

I didn't wan to argue with her about it being the family's sharpener because one day she will pick my nursing home. So, I snuck it back to the kitchen late one night.

The next day, it was gone. Daughter 1 looked and acted innocent. She also looked and acted pissed because it was no longer in her possession. I found it (luckily because her room is a pit) with Daughter 2.

Daughter 2 was making a list of everything she needed for school. The list was four pages, front and back and consisted of three and a half pages of clothing and accessories. Because she'll probably still be living at home when I need a nursing home, I just took it from her right then and returned it to the kitchen for everyone to use.

Here and there, I'd snag a pencil and sharpen it. And, as a life-long inhabitor of classrooms, I've got to tell you that this machine makes sharpening pencils as easy as cutting soft butter with a warm knife.  It's quiet and easy and ... here's the part I love ... stops when the pencil is sharp. I have known a few killer sharpeners in my time--you know, the kiddo who sharpens a pencil down from brand new to nubbin in about two minutes. This machine has got that kid beat.

The sharpener is missing again. But, I know where it is. Brian has taken it to school with him and has it for his classroom.

Don't worry, though. I'll get it back. During a lunch duty or bus duty, when he least expects it, I'll get this great invention back in my possession again. Eventually.

Classroom Friendly Supplies is a small company owned by a teacher. He does accept school district POs and trust me--these will make your classroom-slash-kitchen so much more amazing.


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