September 23, 2013

$25 Thrift Store Challenge

I love thrift stores--particularly, I love Goodwill. I know they have some practices that are not always in the best interests of everyone (I feel your pain, Africa), but I do love a good Goodwill store. (Say that three times fast.)

The Daughters? They love Goodwill as well. Mostly they love to go in to Goodwill and beg me to buy them every single stuffed animal on the twenty-five cent stuffed animal shelf.

"But momma, he needs a home."

So, when Oklahoma Women Bloggers (those are some good women, y'all) issued a $25 Thrift Store Challenge, I was on it like a tag-poppin' rapper.

I, however, put a twist on it. (Did you expect anything less?) I told The Daughters that they each had $25 to spend. They could not buy $25 worth of stuffed animals. They could not even buy twenty-five cents' worth of stuffed animals. They would, instead, buy one school-appropriate outfit and anything else they wanted as long as they didn't go over $25. They were so excited.

Since my own momma's birthday party was coming up, I decided my shopping would involve decorations or party supplies.

Upon entering the store on that very, very rainy day, Daughter 2's shoe immediately broke. She threw her shoes in the trash (No, I'm not kidding!), and went the rest of our shopping extravaganza barefooted (Yes, she did!) and no one even noticed--she fit right in.

She knew exactly what she wanted: Whatever was on the mannequin. So, while Daughter 1 carefully flipped through every single pair of jeans in her size, I undressed mannequins for Daughter 2.

With her arms loaded down with clothes that would make her look like a model, Daughter 2 entered the dressing room, where she erroneously assumed we couldn't hear her belting out a medley of Macklemore's "Thrift Stop," Bridgit Mendler's "Blonde," and Chris Thomlinson's "Awakening." It was like a very schzophrenic Vegas show.

Daughter 1, upon finding what she was looking for, took to the dressing room with one pair of jeans, one shirt and one dress. She left the dressing room five minutes later and declared she had finished shopping. She shops like her momma.

Since Daughter 2 was still trying things on, we retreated to their housewares department where I picked up three candy bowls, two serving plates and a vase for my own momma's birthday part. I conversed with another shopper who complained about parents allowing their kids to sing and be obnoxious like that while out in public. I nodded my head and said, "I know it!" a lot.

Forty-five minutes and a strange vocal rendition of "The Star Spangled Banner" which morphed into Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" later, Daughter 2 emerged victorious with a leopard print dress, a shirt, a jean jacket and a skirt.

The Daughters each picked out a necklace that would be perfect for their new outfits and then we checked out. I figured we had gone over the $50 limit--especially with my party purchases, but I was pleasantly surprised to find several items half price. We made it out only owing $49.29.

Here are our steals:

Jacket, blouse, skirt and necklace.
She wore it all for picture day.
I'm hoping we got that crazy smile for picture day, too.

Leopard print dress.
Those shoes. Um ... she didn't buy those.
Ahem ... not sure where those came from [blushing]

Jeans, top and necklace.
She was so over pics by this point, I wasn't going to beg for more.

Gasp! A dress! RIGHT?!?!  And she wore it! 

Two plates and two serving bowls--I spray painted the blue plate.
I may be addicted to spray paint.

The vase.
The jars were provided by The Domestic Artiste--she's got my back.
What was your last great shopping steal?


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