September 27, 2013

Five For Friday: Must-Haves on a Tiring Friday

I love me a good Friday; who doesn't, right? But these past few weeks have been brutal--crazy schedules, lots of activities, the new television season started. It's all been good, let's be sure about that, but it's been taxing all the same. And it's all coming to a head on this Friday. We're all exhausted. We're all cranky. And we're all ready for tomorrow: Sleeping in!

So, on this tiring Friday, here are my must haves:

1. A ponytail. There's no way I could've stood under the dryer for ten minutes. No way. My bangs are dry and in place and still-wet hair is pulled back with an elastic band. I am not ashamed.

2. Damp jeans. Yeah, so, we've basically not done a full-on laundry session since, oh, I don't know, the fourth of July, maybe. So, my jeans are damp because I barely remembered to actually wash my jeans for today. What I did not remember until this morning was to put them in the dryer.

3. Toothpaste on my shirt. At least I brushed my teeth. I will gladly wear my toothpaste-laden shirt tody as a badge that I am fighting against tartar build-up and have minty-fresh breath to boot.

4. A referree. Someone's gotta settle the issues between these two fussing and fuming sisters and it's not looking like Brian or I can actually do that.


5. Donuts. Don't talk to me about trans fats and carb overload, y'all. It's Friday and it's the best I can do, which is, ironically, the best I can do just about any other day of the week.


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