September 13, 2013

Friday Five: This Ain't Her Momma's Sleepover

Daughter 1 is having her first sleepover of the school year tonight. We put some tight conditions on it--basically we made her clean the house. (Her room, however, is still not clean, but we really like her sweet friend, so we said yes.) Last night as I kissed her goodnight, I told her all about my sleepovers when I was younger. She assured me that she probably wouldn't do any of these things.

1. We rode our bikes all over the neighborhood. I grew up in an isolated neighborhood. It was two-miles from town, had its own (volunteer) fire department, its own school, three churches and a convenience store where we could buy a single stick of Sixlets for a penny. I explained how cool we felt being footloose (sorta) and fancy free to spend our quarter anyway we wanted. Daughter 1 asked if I could make an ice cream sundae bar for them after dinner.

2. We turned the TV off when we went to sleep. We didn't go to sleep, let's be clear about that. We turned the TV off so that we could record our favorite songs from the radio onto our way cool, see-through Memorex cassettes. We'd be very quiet ... maybe even hold our breath ... as one song ended and another song began. If it was the song we wanted, usually something by Michael Jackson or the Go-Gos, we'd press our finger onto the play and record buttons at the same time really quick. Voila! We had just "downloaded" a song like a boss. Daughter 1 informed me she'd already made her sleepover playlist.

3. We prank-called people. "Do you have Prince Albert in a can? You'd better let him out so he can breath." Click.

"Is your refrigerator running? You'd better go catch it." Click.

"Hello? Why'd you call me? No you called me. Yes, I'm sure you called me." Click.

Daughter 1 wondered why the people didn't use caller ID to call us back, and she also wanted to know what I meant when I said click while telling my story.

4. We read all the good period part of Are You There God, It's Me Margaret. I told her how we loved that view into a very taboo stubject: periods. Really, no one talked about the birds and the bees but Judy Blume. Daughter 1 said they talked about periods at lunch but she wanted to know if Margaret was on Twitter. (Disclaimer: We really read page 96 of Forever over and over and over again--it's the part where Katherine and Michael do it.)

5. We woke up early and rode our bikes again. When morning would roll around, we'd eat a bowl of cereal while we watched an episode of Scooby Doo and then we'd hit the streets again on our bikes. We'd ride up to the school and play, maybe even crawl up on the roof because we could. We'd ride down to the park and ride through the creek until we were completely muddy and soaking wet. We'd go home when the cereal wore off and our tummies were grumbly again. Daughter 1 said they'd nuke some bacon and frozen waffles before checking out the new uploads to YouTube.

Oh, the stories she'll have to tell her kids.

When I searched flicker for slumber party pictures, this popped up. It reminded me why I never watched scary movies at slumber parties. It also reminded me that I'm not the oddest duck in this virtual pond. It also made me say, "DoubleU Tee Eff" right out loud in the middle of my living room.


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