September 2, 2013


"Can I go with you, Momma?" Both daughters have asked. Not at the same time, of course, that would require that they work together and since this past weekend was an extended weekend, working together had long gone out the door.

"Nope," I said, only half-apologetically. I would love to have a weekend with just my family away in the wooded wilderness, but this is not the weekend for this. "It's for regular bloggers who are adult women only." I gave a very detailed description of the attendees so that they wouldn't think there was a chance they could go with me.

"But why are you going?" Good question. Good question, indeed.

I'm going away this weekend to Arkansas Women Bloggers Unplugged. I went last year and had a great time. In fact, last year, I got to visit with Stephanie Buckley, the beautiful blogger behind The Park Wife and the founder of The Women Bloggers. And when Steph and I visited, she asked me to start up and manage Oklahoma Women Bloggers. And the year since has been nothing short of amazing.

"But why are you going, Momma?" they have each whined multiple times. And it's a valid question. I want to go because I am really looking forward to the break--let's be clear on that point, of course. I want to go so that I can socialize with other women who put their lives on the internet for all to read as well--there are a lot of us, but we're a rare breed. I want to go so that I can learn new things and teach new things as well.  I go with that answer because I hope they see me as a lifelong learner and choose to be a lifelong learner for themselves.

"To learn how to be a better blogger."

"Why do you want to be a better blogger?" Ideally, I'd love to earn a living as a blogger. I'd love to write all day long. But, even if that opportunity presented itself, I'd have to be really passionate about writing--and that's what started me on this bloggy road in the first place. A passion to write and share and tell stories. They know what passion means; we've emphasized that word time and again with them. Be passionate about what you do ...

"Because I'm passionate about telling my story ... and your stories as well."

"Why do you want to tell our stories, Momma?" If only they knew how brilliant they are. If only they know how smart and beautiful they are. If only they knew how creative and thoughtful and thought-provoking they are. But right now, they don't know. Eventually they'll get it, but not now.

" I want to tell your stories so that when you are older, you'll have your life written down ... by me. It's a gift to you. My blog is my love letter to you ... "


"That and y'all do some really funny stuff."


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