October 27, 2013

Dammit Hostess

Not quite a year ago, Hostess announced that it could not reach an agreement with labor forces and would be left with no choice but to pay exuberant amounts of money to their executives, hire a mediator at a price that would rival most Powerball lotteries and close their doors for good. They did this with very little warning and right before Christmas.

I would miss my Twinkies, sure. My HoHos? I'd probably miss them more. However, I was more upset by their shady practices and because they gave not one thought to the workers who were only asking to be fairly compensated. In all actuality, if an executive is worth his 40% bonus, then it is because the the workers under him have made it possible. And, if that executive can't manage money properly enough to give credit (or raises or bonus) where credit is due, then he shouldn't have a company to his name.

Oddly enough, they did not hire me to be their grossly--and I mean grossly--over paid mediator. Go figure.

Within months of their closing, they did what I predicted "sold" the recipes and what was left of the company and eventually rumors started popping up all over places where rumors pop up that Hostess would be back in business. 

There would be Twinkies!  But not for me: I could be strong. 

There would be HoHos! I'd cry a little but I could resisit and my insulin levels would rejoice.

There would be over-processed, sugar-laden snacks yet again--but out of principle, and because I'm cheap, I would not be buying them. No way. Even though it's a different company, I knew that it really wasn't. It was a bait and switch and those same greedy corporate bakers would be at the helm of this delicious ship.

I wanted to send Hostess a message that they can't mess with people's lives in that manner. They can't just go belly-up, lay people off, disrupt their lives, then start over a few months later and still have my support. No sir. 

Then I saw these. Orange Cupcakes. 

I had forgotten about Orange Cupcakes. And, well ... 

I thought of the factory workers, the janitors, the delivery drivers, and I had to buy some. I had to support the little guys.

Dammit Hostess. You make it so hard for me to be political.


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