October 8, 2013

Dang It, Facebook!

So, I have a friend. Actually I have a lot of them, so there. I heard what y'all were thinking. Oh ... you have A friend? Just one? WOW! How'd you score that one friend? 

And? Maybe I spend way too much time with adolescents. Let me start over.

I was perusing Facebook the other day in a successful attempt to avoid obligations like laundry and grocery shopping when I came upon a recipe that one of my many, many, many friends had shared on her wall. This particular recipe was so easy. Basically, it called for two items: tater tots and a waffle iron.

When I finally got around to buying groceries, I picked up a bag of tater tots because what could be easier than putting tater tots on my waffle iron? Nothing. Nothing could be easier. Except opening a bag a meatballs and pouring Golden Mushroom soup over them--another genius Facebook find.

That evening, I poured my soup over the meatballs and turned on my waffle iron.

When the soup was bubbling, I tossed the tots onto the waffle iron and attempted to close the lid so I could flip it over and let it do its thing. At least, I assumed that's what I was supposed to do because here's the thing. I didn't read the recipe.

You aren't surprised at all, are you?

So, I squeezed the handles together in an attempt to get the lid to close. Sixty full seconds later, I got the lid closed and the iron flipped.

Then, while I waited, I looked up exercises to increase arm strength. Holy Moly, but Momma's outta shape.

Then I waited. And I waited. And I turned off the meatball soup concoction because it was starting to stick.

And I waited some more and some more, and I tasted the meatballs because I was getting hungry.

And about two hours later, give or take an hour and forty-five minutes, my ready light turned green. I flipped the iron and beheld my ... lame ol' tater tots.

They looked nothing like Facebook. And they were way more work (remember all the squeezing and waiting I had to do?).

They ate the very same way, though.


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