October 11, 2013

Friday Friend: Daughter 1

"Geez, Momma, you need to post on your blog," Daughter 1 chastised me as we were on our way home one afternoon as she pulled up this blog on her Kindle. "You haven't posted in about three days."

"When do you suggest I do that?" I fired back. "I have a daughter who has commandeered my computer every night for the past week."

"Well, I've got this big project ..."  Bless her heart. She does have a big project. A big English project. Her cow of a teacher only gave them six weeks to do this project knowing full-well that Daughter 1 would wait until a week before it's due.

Good news--she finished her project on time.

And, even though she had taken over my computer, I should have been writing and blogging and Daughter 1 knew it. She's my first editor.

The most common question I'm asked in interviews is how my daughters, my husband, my family feels about the things that I share, and I always reply that they are my first editors. If they tell me not to share a story or to not blog about an event, I don't. Sometimes, even, they give me a story or an idea or fodder for my writing, whether it's a chapter for one of my books or for my blog.

So, today my Friday Friend is Daughter 1 ... she keeps me going, in more ways than one. 


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