October 4, 2013

Friday Friend: Jennifer McMurrain

One of the coolest parts of being a writer is getting to collaborate with other writers. I have an awesome--I mean WAY awesome--group of writer-friends-slash-critique-group-slash-fun-chicks who meet weekly. We pour over each other's works and offer suggestions and critiques and comments and love. It's a great time, and, in the process, I get to read some really great books.

How do I know they are great books? When reading my friend Denise's book, I told several people about the plot line as if it were a real news story. Yes, I did. When reading my friend Marilyn's book, I recommended it to my daughter. Twice. When reading Jennifer McMurrain's new book book, Winter Song, I would relate my own real-life ghost stories to Jennifer.


Yes, Winter Song is a ghost story but it's also a love story, and you'll love it.

And, just so you know, there's a part that will probably leave you saying, "What? NO! Really?? Noooo ... " and then you might cry a little bit. Do not send Jennifer hate mail about that part. It was kinda, sorta my idea. Wanna know what it was? Well ... read the book.


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