October 25, 2013

Friend Friday: Future Former Fat Man

He's one of the smartest men I know--he knows finance stuff, world events, history, geography. He can do algebra, keep softball books, and has this really awesome ability to see basketball plays even when it looks like a bunch of tall player just messing around on the hardwood.

He's sensitive (don't tell him I said that). He'll sit through not one, not two, but three different productions of Mama Mia and won't complain one time. He'll do remarkable things for his students like buy them lunch when he knows they are hungry or stays after and tutors them for free. He drives his daughters all over town pimping cookie dough and stops at every "lost dog" sign so they can see if they know the lost dog.

He's creative. He's a thinker. He's fun and funny, which is not always an easy balance to keep. He's fiercely loyal. He loves with his whole, entire, bigger-than-life heart. He's a dreamer. He has big plans, not just for himself but for everyone else as well. And ... he battles with his weight.

A year or so ago, after some professional bumps in the road, he had hit a low. He was traveling and stressed and ate his way out of frustrating situations that took him away from his family and robbed him of time that could be spent doing things he wanted to do or needed to do.

In desperation, he sought help from a doctor that specialized in weight loss surgery. Over the course of a few months, he realized that the surgery would certainly assist him in losing weight quickly, but it would also lead him to lose out on some of his dreams, namely doing an Iron Man Triathlon. He also worried about the message he'd be sending his daughters. He wanted them to know that if the situation was dire enough, do what needed to be done (surgery), but only if the situation was dire enough. He didn't feel like his situation as an otherwise healthy, able, and willing man was dire enough. He wanted to do it on his own.

So he researched nutrition and altered his diet. He landed a different job with a schedule better suited to his family and made time to work out. And, he's now twenty-five pounds away from losing one hundred pounds.

Tomorrow he's doing the Tulsa Run, just a small step toward his goal of doing an Iron Man. I couldn't be more proud of the Future Former Fat Man ... My husband, Brian.


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