October 17, 2013

#ThankfulThursday: The Elderly

This week's opportunity for Thankfulness involved the elderly. The Daughters and I decided to decorate miniature pumpkins and deliver them to a local nursing home. We spent most of Tuesday night painting the gourds and then we delivered them Wednesday afternoon.

I took the girls to a nursing home where My Daddy had spent a few weeks after a debilitating stroke. I thought it would be a good time to visit with The Daughters about their Grampy, and we could talk about being thankful for our health and being thankful for long lives.

We had to be buzzed into the home and Daughter 2 wondered who was in there that was so important. Is the president's grandmother in here? Maybe a former mayor? OH! Maybe a movie star from the 80s is in here! Cool!

When we had to be buzzed out, she wondered why there had to be so much security. We had a good conversation about how residents didn't always like being there, didn't understand being there and weren't able to care for themselves if they were to wander outside the walls of the nursing home. It was a sobering lesson in the final days of life.

Since we arrived at nap time (which may be all day for all we know), we opted to decorate the tables in the dining room instead of giving them to specific residents, none of whom we knew personally. There was a couple sitting at one of the tables that thanked us for the decorations. Other than that, we received no official thanks ... and I was perfectly fine with that.

My sweet (and fuzzy) girls decorating the dining room.
It's good to do things without the expectation of recognition. In fact, we should do nice things everyday without expecting to be recognized for it. Another great lesson learned.

On the way out we noticed a post on a bulletin board asking for craft supplies. I imagine that nursing homes are often forgotten when people are looking to make donations. We have the requested supplies, so we'll be visiting them again.

Did you visit a nursing home this week? Tag your post and your pictures with #ThankfulThursdays so we can all be thankful together.

For next week: Let's be thankful for our health. Make several get well cards and deliver them to a local hospital. If there's not a hospital close by, deliver them to a doctor's office. Ask the nurse(s) to pass them out to patients who need a lift. You might also want to make some cookies or take some snacks for the nurses who tirelessly care for those patients.

Come back next week and check in--I want to hear how your #ThankfulThursdays are going!


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