October 10, 2013

#ThankfulThursday: Helpers

Last week, we were grateful for the helpers in our lives by baking some muffins or cookies or cakes or pies and delivering them to our neighborhood servants.

The Daughters and I made some yummy pumpkin muffins by plopping a can of pumpkin into a spice cake mix and baking them. The Daughters decided they didn't like pumpkin nor did they like spice cake mix, and they were very grateful to take the muffins to our fire department and not have to eat them themselves.

We talked about how, at any given time of day, for any need that we have our community has people who are willing to stop what they are doing, risk their lives for us and serve our community in any way ... such as eating pumpkin spice muffins that your mother made you make.

Daughter 2 was the spokes person of our group when we delivered. "We're counting down to Thanksgiving, and we wanted to say thank you and give you these muffins."

When the fireman replied that he loved pumpkin, The Daughters did not make any gagging noises or any pukey faces. That's progress, my friends.

Probably the most important part of this week's activity came when we got back into the car to drive home.

"What are we doing next and for whom?" (Really, she said 'for whom'--her momma is an English teacher, yo.)

"I like the way you think, honey," I smiled. 

So ... this week's #ThankfulThursday does not involve baking or cooking anything good or nasty.  

We need to remember across generations that there is as much to learn as there is to teach.-Gloria Steinem

This week, we're going to be thankful for the generations who have gone before us by visiting a nursing home and taking some fall decorations. 

If you wish, you can create several--as many as you can--crafts of your choice. We plan on painting several mini pumpkins and making a few pumpkin posters as well. We'll deliver those to the residents of a local nursing home. (Please be aware of small breakable pieces and dietary restrictions when you visit your local home.)

Check back next week and share about your #ThankfulThursday experience.


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