November 28, 2013

Getting Lucky--It's Here!

You've been shopping all day long. You've scored great deals. You're ready to put up your feet up and relax, right? You've made a huge dent in your holiday shopping. So, sit back, relax, and buy one more thing: MY NEW BOOK!!

Getting Lucky is my sex book. Except that there's not really a lot of sex that goes on. Well, there was, I mean, is a lot of sex that happens, just not in the book. Trust me. I can't write about our actual sex life because, well, I just can't. But I can write about the antics and silliness and goofiness that goes along with trying to maintain some semblance of a sex life after becoming parents.

It's hard, yo. But, OMG, it's also fun. And funny. And that's totally what I wrote about.

This would be a great gift for yourself ... c'mon now, we deserve our share of the goods this holidays season just as much as anyone else on our nice lists, right?

You should buy one for your best girlfriend, your sister, your husband's ex-wife. Your mother, mother-in-law, your day care worker, your PTO president would all love this read. You could even buy one for your grandma, and she'd relate as well. Do not, however, buy this for my grandma. Do not.


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