November 17, 2013

I won!

My very smart friend, Laurie, nominated me for the Liebster Award. Liebster, I believe after two years of high school German, means “things that suckers do.” But, since I had a house full of tween/teen girls, family and friends and a very wild “Minute To Win It” party, I gladly said I’d accept the award because I was, for all intents and purposes, brain dead.
So, to accept the Liebster Award, I’m supposed to:
1. Write 11 random things about myself.
2. Answer the questions I was asked
.3. Nominate and notify 11 bloggers of their notifications
.4. Ask 11 questions of my nominees
.5. Link back to the person who nominated me.
The real point is to find new blogs, follow new people and, according to Laurie, “laugh and dance with glee and it’s all rainbows and glitter bombs on the interwebs.” See? She’s so smart.
Here are my eleven random things:
  • 1.     When my kids gets sick in the middle of the night, they always say, “Am I going to school in the morning?” and I always say, “Let’s wait and see.” Because if they don’t too much sicker, they are going to school.
  • 2.     I am planning on buying a curtain rod and putting it on my wall. I think my scarves would look so cute displayed on it. Don’t tell Brian. He doesn’t know yet.
  • 3.     I think my neighbors secretly refer to me as “That woman who chased her dog in her pajamas.” It happened on the first night we lived in this house and in my mind, it’s a name that stuck.
  • 4.     I have written a total of four books and am in the process of writing the fifth. How many of these have you read? (PS--This weekend Oversharing My Life was number 9!)
  • 5.     I haven’t slept through the night since The Daughters started school.
  • 6.     I color my own hair and, I recolor based on the timing and schedule of my events. This is why my hair needs coloring bad. But, my segment for Fox 23, Great Day Green Country is the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. I’ll color next weekend. You’re welcome.
  • 7.     I wish I could match my grow-in color exactly—I’d go grey if I could.
  • 8.     I get the best plans for my home at 3 a.m. when the rest of the family is sound asleep or when I’m not at home.
  • 9.     I fought getting leather couches for our front room. They are now my favorite pieces of furniture. I’m sitting on the smaller couch right now. I may or may not be naked.
  • 10. I love throwing parties. LOVE. IT. If we were rich, I’d throw parties every single weekend.
  • 11. I bought some leis for Daughter 1’s birthday party in kindergarten—we had a luau. I have used them for almost every other single birthday for The Daughter’s since. We still have leis.

And now, here are Laurie’s questions for me:
1.     If money were no object, what would you do with two months off work?
First I’d sleep, then I’d take my family to beaches—any beaches. All the beaches. Just beaches. We’d send you a post card.
2.     Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings?
I have never gotten into early fantasy that has no tie-in to realism, so Harry’s my man.
3.     What record album or cd changed your life and why?
I bought Roberta Flack’s album at a garage sale. It had the song “Killing Me Softly” on it. It was the first album I bought by myself and I played that song over and over and over because, at the time, it was the only song of hers that I knew.
4.     If you were going to start a non-profit, who would it benefit?
Children living in poverty. It would provide valuable after-school activities, quality day care before school, tutoring and college scholarships for high school graduates. Children in poverty rarely “see” a way out of poverty. That vision needs to change in order for their circumstances to change.
5.     What’s your superpower?
Apparently, it’s not being able to sleep through the night. Who knew?
6.     Heels or flats?
Flats. I like heels but can’t walk in them. I do like a good wedge as well.
7.     Which chef would you invite to cook your Thanksgiving meal?
Trisha Yearwood. We’re practically neighbors.
8.     If you were chosen to be a companion to Dr. Who, where and when would you like to go?
I’d like to go back and see what my daddy was like as a little boy. Or I’d go back to ten minutes before Jon Bon Jovi met his wife…
9.     What accomplishment are you most proud of in your life? (kids and marriage not allowed!)
I am a National Board Certified Teacher. I have my Bachelors, Masters and Specialists degrees in some areas of Education. I still can’t do math.
10. Would you rather sail around the world or fly around the world?
Fly. I took a sailing class in Girl Scouts one summer. I spent the entire afternoon in the lake swimming after that damn boat.
11. Which book could you read over and over and over again?
I do read Celia Rivenbark’s books over and over and over again. She’s my humor hero.
 Here are my questions for my nominees:
  1. 1.     With what celebrity would you want to be BFFs?
  2. 2.     What style of underwear do you prefer?
  3. 3.     What candy is hidden in your house right now?
  4. 4.     Karaoke night—you and me—what do we sing together?
  5. 5.     Celebrity Wife Swap: Which celebrity would you swap with?
  6. 6.     What was the last thing you bought at Goodwill or a second-hand store?
  7. 7.     Have you ever broken the law? (No … Speeding doesn’t count.)
  8. 8.     When was the last time you vacuumed your home?
  9. 9.     What’s your go-to meal to cook when you just can’t think of anything creative to cook?
  10. 10. In what ways have you turned into your mother?
  11. 11. What things did you forsake in order to complete this blog post?

And here are MY nominees for the Liebster award. They’re supposed to be blogs with fewer than 3000 followers, but I have no idea how many followers these ladies have. Also, I chose them because I love reading their words, and I think you will too. Go check them out and give them some love!
·      Jennifer McMurrain (A great author friend of mine)
·      Mari Farthing (My cohort, editor and snark-filled friend)
·      Misti Ridiculous (My Listen To Your Mother leader and overall fun gal)
·      Red Dirt Sweetie (Her red-dirt heart is so full!)
·      Dani Stone (She’s way up north … in Kansas)
·      Nicole Eclectic (I just met her, but I love her words)
·      desperately seeking {Gina} (Gina is my go-to girl when I wanna feel like I can modge podge the world!)
·      The 4 Crows (She really is epitome of momma!)
·      Sabine of Suburbia (She’ll make you snort laugh.)
·      Bramell: Party of Five (She does it all and has the cutest smile throughout.)
·      kristin nador writes anywhere (Really, she does. She writes anywhere.)


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