November 24, 2013

Men Pray For Me

My sister and sister-in-law married a couple of great guys. They are wonderful husbands, great daddies, handymen, and faithful and spiritual people. I know for a fact that they pray for me and Brian.

There really is no better gift that you can give to another person than to hold them close in your heart, your mind and your soul, and I can feel them holding Brian and me close in to their soul through prayer.

I feel their prayers most when I work around the house ... when I replace the air filter in our heat and air system, I can feel my brother-in-law, Jared, pray for Brian and for me.

When I text my brother-in-law, David, about removing sliding shelves in my kitchen, I can feel his prayers for us.

Cool idea, huh?

But, last week, when I installed a curtain rod on my wall--not over any window, over the love seat in our bedroom--I was privileged enough to actually hear their prayers. They weren't in the bedroom with me. I didn't have one or the other on the phone with me, yet I heard them in much the same way one hears a great idea, a nudging from one's conscience, in much the same way Pinocchio heard Jiminiy Cricket.

I actually had the white nail from another project--
I used it to make a hole for the screws.
Who needs a drill?
As I stood in the middle of my room admiring my handy work and giving thanks for the extra parts the manufacturer included in my curtain rod kit, I heard their prayers.

Dear God, Please grant Brian good health and a long life. And if anything should happen to him, take from Heather some of her crazy because we do not want to have to deal with that on our own.

Great guys, huh?


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