November 12, 2013

#NaBloPoMo: Five Things In My Fridge

Name five things inside your refrigerator right now and how you feel about them.

Oh, BlogHer. You vixen, you. Why you want me to talk about my refrigerator? Is it because you know I have an affliction that requires me to clean out my fridge every week before I go grocery shopping? Is it because you know my light is burned out and you thought that my publicly acknowledging this might encourage me to replace it? (It won't, by the way.) Whatever the reason you've chosen to call me out in this way, I'm stepping up.

1. I have a jar of Billy Sims low-carb Bar B Que  sauce. It's delicious. And it's low-carb ... well, as far as Bar B Que sauces go. But, I forget that I have it, and it's probably expired. But, I won't throw it out until I get some more because it's low-carb and delicious.

2. I have a quarter of a bottle of generic (read: cheap) seven up. Typically, we don't have soda/pop/coke-with-a-lower-case-C in our house. We just don't drink it. (Well, Brian and D2 drink it, but I don't like for them to drink it.) But, we were so sick a week or so ago. The soda is probably stale or flat or old. But, if one of us gets re-sick, we're ready.

3. I have a tube of tomato paste. I love this stuff. You never need more than a tablespoon or so of tomato paste and even the smallest can provides you with way more than you will need and then you're stuck wondering how to keep leftover tomato paste. I bought the tube, and I feel so cool knowing that's in my fridge.

4. I have a lot of eggs. We are big egg eaters. Well, D1 isn't such a big egg eater. She pretends she is. She likes to scramble up a big batch of eggs, but she'll only choke down one bite--two if I'm watching--and then declare that she's full and throw the rest out to the dogs. She's the dogs' favorite.

5. We keep our shaved ice flavoring cold. This summer, my sister got us a shaved ice machine. It was a lot of work for a small glass of shaved ice. Now, we just pour the flavoring over a cup full of unshaved ice. I know--we'll drink the sugar-water but we won't drink the soda. We are a family of oddities.

Today is my sweet Daughter 1's birthday! This kid is twelve years old. How in the world did that happen? It seems like yesterday I was wiping her poopy butt and begging her to eat. Happy, happy birthday, sweet girl!


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