November 25, 2013

#NaBloPoMo: Judging Books By Their Covers

I would make the world's worst eye witness to a crime or an accident.

What was the perp wearing? Ummm ... black or maybe white. Long sleeves or ... short sleeves.

What color was his hair? He was either bald or had a mullet. Maybe he had a 'fro.

What did he do? He robbed that woman. Unless he was petting a dog. Or wait, I'm sure he helped that  Boy Scout across the busy street.

I'm horrible when it comes to immediately remembering details. But, I totally judge books by their covers. It's probably what drew me to Buzz Books USA first and foremost.

I like book covers that make me stop in my tracks and think, "WOW! What's that about?"

I like book covers that pop, and I kinda hafta blink.

I like book covers that catch my eye and make me smile or laugh or giggle or sigh.

But, I really, really like my book covers.


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